Ching decides Montreal is home in 2012

The Brian Ching saga is taking a turn for the better.

Former Houston Dynamo forward and current Montreal Impact expansion draft selection Brian Ching recently decided he will not turn on the team that selected him.

Yes, Montreal fans. Ching is reporting to camp. The same striker who threatened to retire due to his aversion to playing for any club but Houston is coming to play where he is contracted to.

He told Jose Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle:

“I’ve decided I’m not going to retire. I’ll report to Montreal when camp opens.”

So, he is on board. While this will likely only be a one-year deal, he will be competing for the captaincy with midfielder Davy Arnaud.

Or will he?

It may not be crazy to think that this whole situation just came to a head, and Ching reluctantly agreed to cooperate with Montreal in order to more easily facilitate a move back to Texas. With this in mind, conspiracy theorists and hopeful Montreal fans think that if there is a trade, it will involve La Belle Province’s own Andre Hainault.

However, Hainault would be an expensive trade, and it may not be worth getting fleeced by Houston just to get the local boy in, no matter how good he is. Montreal is supposed to be the club in the driver’s seat of this situation. Houston has been very quiet. It could be possible this is all a part of a master plan to secure a huge trade. But it isn’t exactly likely at this point. With not a murmur coming from the Dynamo camp, they may not want their beloved captain.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone but a handful of delusional Dynamo fans. He wasn’t protected in the expansion draft. Oops.

Most Montreal fans will welcome the former U.S. international with open arms. While injury-prone and older, he can be a great addition to the squad for both goal-scoring ability and coaching for the younger players of the squad.

Other fans may be a bit skittish to actually welcome him to the team. Whatever his intent when he initially spoke about the club, it cut deep. Some thought it was a childish move from a selfish player, while others felt he may have had a Lindros-esque distaste for playing in the province. It may be one, the other or a complete misunderstanding altogether. However, it may have to be addressed for everyone to move on.

Brian Ching can be a member of the Montreal Impact. He should be a member of the team. However, this is a two-way street, and Impact fans deserve a clarification.


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