Torres may be next out at Chelsea

Torres isn't coming back to Liverpool. Though, it's possible Everton would want him.

After the recent news that Nicolas Anelka would be headed to China, Chelsea may be ready to part with another seldom-used, overpaid benchwarmer.

The Daily Mail, along with other sources reported Tuesday that the West London club would be willing to part with El Nino for approximately £20 million.

And to think, some Liverpool supporters want him back. Shocking.

For those with short memories, Liverpool sold Torres in January 2010 for £50 million. Split the funds up whatever way, but with that cash and the then-new investment from John W. Henry and New England Sports Ventures, the club is what you see today – financially healthy and competing for a Champions League spot.

Since Torres went to Chelsea and played 14 times in the second half of last season. He scored one goal in the league. This season? El Nino has played 11 times and scored twice in the league. One of those was from the penalty spot. Not to mention, some of football’s worst misses have come from the player this year. It is becoming painfully obvious that between injuries and a lack of confidence, Torres has problems. He is a physically gifted player, but with the injuries he dealt with in 2010, mixed with his woeful performances in a Chelsea strip, there is something alarming about having him on the squad.

It may have been Rafa Benitez that was able to keep Torres from single-handedly falling apart. But, as Rafa’s days walking the sideline at Anfield are finished, it should be noted that Torres’ are finished at Anfield, as well. There is a reason Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas does not start Torres. You better believe it isn’t because he has a personal issue with him.

El Nino – if he is sold – will likely go at the last minute on a bargain to a mid-table club, or he will go back to the continent. Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has bigger fish to fry than to try again on an overpaid forward past his prime. Namely, he need to shore up the midfield with the loss of Lucas Leiva to for the year. While Torres’ goalscoring drought may turn out to be more than that, it isn’t Liverpool’s or its supporters’ problem any longer.

Plus, if he came back, Liverpool supporters wouldn’t be able to rub this in Chelsea fans’ faces:


4 responses to this post.

  1. He won’t leave Chelsea. With Drogba and Kalou off to the ACON they need someone to lead the line.


  2. yup its true. He won’t leave Stamford Bridge. He will be in his goal-scoring form when Drogba and Kalou will go.


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