Davies alienates himself further in latest stunt

Don't expect to see Charlie Davies in a U.S. top anytime soon.

Anyone who thought Charlie Davies was past his screw-ups and on the way to be called into the U.S. men’s national team may not be thrilled, as his most recent incident involved filing a $20 million lawsuit against Red Bull and Das Enterprises, according to The Washington Post.

Why is this relevant? Red Bull hosted the party at Shadow Room, the Washington D.C. nightclub that is owned by Das Enterprises, where Davies was the night of his car accident in 2009.

Yes. Charlie Davies is suing these entities because the driver of the vehicle on that night, Maria Alejandra Espinoza, got drunk at a party and drove home. He claims in the lawsuit that the bar continued to serve her alcohol, even though she was visibly intoxicated. She went on to drive Davies and a another girl home, but got into an accident after speeding, killing the girl and severely injuring herself and Davies.

While many moral questions come into play – she did drink at the venue voluntarily and chose to drive afterward – Davies shows that he doesn’t feel responsible for getting into the car that night with someone under the influence. He would rather blame the host and venue for throwing the party, which was perfectly legal, than himself and those in the vehicle for partaking in an illegal activity that killed one and irreparably changed two other lives.

In the lawsuit, he claims he did not know Espinoza, but accepted a ride from her anyway. He also claims he did not know how much Espinoza had to drink.

Someone who is suing the aforementioned entities because  of those parties “allowing” a person to get drunk, probably doesn’t have a very good argument. If Davies did not think she was drunk, he was an idiot for going with a complete stranger he didn’t even have a conversation with. If Davies did think she was drunk, why would he get in the car?

Davies made a series of poor decisions on the night of the accident. He skipped curfew, went to a party, drank while on international duty and got into a car with a drunk driver. He paid for those decisions through a tragic accident, severe injuries (lacerated bladder, broken femur and lower leg, broken elbow and facial fractures) and the overall horrible memory of that night. But his lack of tact by filing a suit over it shows he is not able to take responsibility for his actions.

U.S. men's national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has his hands full at the moment.

If any USMNT fan wondered why he hasn’t been called back into Bob Bradley’s/Jurgen Klinsmann’s national side since the accident, here is your reason. Davies’ judgment and maturity are still nowhere at the level they need to be to be able to sufficiently represent his nation at the top level. He has had success on loan at D.C. United from Ligue 1 side Sochaux, but even his on-field decision-making has been questioned, as he has been accused of diving on multiple occasions, among other things.

It would be a shock if the suit actually goes to court, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he even receives a settlement for it. However, many of his fans have a bad taste in their mouth from hearing that he had the audacity to file such a lawsuit, while those who hoped he was a changed man also are disappointed.

Davies isn’t a man, he is just an immature little boy. One that, if he doesn’t change, will never become a regular member of the national team.

That boy may have bigger things to worry about. His reputation might be a start.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Phil on 10/19/2011 at 12:28

    Surely this idiot cannot gain any compensation out of this. He is an example of why so many people in the world are in financial crisis. Only when the law, and companies who are taken to court, make a stand against people like this, will we start digging ourselves out of this blame culture that we live in.
    He is a disgrace to DC United, Sochaux and frankly speaking, to all Americans. I am not one to generalise and I know enough top quality American people that I know he is not a true representation. However, there are many out there who do generalise and will read this story and throw stones at American culture. I have already seen examples of this and the more exposure this story gets, the more it will harm America’s reputation.
    It will be interesting to see how DC United respond to this nonsense. They will certainly be coming under scrutiny.


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