Kean’s Time Short at Ewood

Yes, Mr. Kean. Your club only has one point. That's not good enough.

Blackburn Rovers’ manager Steve Kean has won five matches in 25 opportunities. The fans are upset, and rightly so.

To top it off, the club’s owners, everyone’s favorite chicken conglomerate Venky’s has given what can only be translated as a vote of confidence. With fans ready to pick Kean up and carry him outside of Blackburn’s town limits, the club released a statement to Sky Sports.

Among a few quotes that carried the status quo, the owners said this to the website:

“We are fully committed to make sure that the team’s performance improves, and that the recent set backs do not stand in the way of regaining our clubs standing in the premier league, and the admiration of our fans.”

Kean isn’t mentioned at all in the statement, but the intent is obvious. If Blackburn doesn’t get better soon, someone has to pay. Kean isn’t fixing the Blackburn problem, and the only club to win the Premier League not named Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United is in a real battle to stay up this season. And it isn’t like the schedule gets easier anytime soon.

Mmm, Venky's. Tastes like relegation.

Rovers play Arsenal at the weekend, before heading to Newcastle. After that? Manchester City, QPR, Tottenham, Norwich City, Chelsea, Wigan and Stoke. That brings the club to the end of November. To be blunt, the only games that jump out as good opportunities to win are against the Canaries and the Latics. To stay up, it is imperative to beat relegation rivals and steal points from those up the table. The draw against Fulham was a start, but one point in four matches is not a formula for survival.

The roster isn’t particularly strong and goals will be at a premium this season. With new boys Norwich, QPR and Swansea putting up good fights against difficult competition this season, time may already be running short for Rovers.

The league isn’t decided in September, but with points so hard to come by, a statement needs to be made. Kean isn’t the answer, and this has been obvious for a while. Unless a change is made soon, Blackburn may crash out of the Premier League much quicker than expected.

Venky’s needs to listen to the club’s supporters. They aren’t stupid. If the locker room culture doesn’t change, the climb out of the relegation zone will just get more difficult.


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