New Impact Badge – Immediate Reaction

The Montreal Impact released their new logo at halftime of the match against the Minnesota Stars at Stade Saputo. This is the video the club released showing the new logo:

Now, that is a badge. Easily the best badge released since Philadelphia’s offering. This may even be better than the Union’s choice. MLS has improved gradually with their quality in badges, but this is just an absolutely great job. Many that aim for both modernity and retro tend to screw it up, but this logo has the best of both worlds. It may seem a little busy to some, but every element has significance, which is definitely a plus and a breath of fresh air.

The badge will not only be attractive to Impact supporters, but can also help the ongoing legitimacy of logos overall in MLS. This aspect of the league has improved greatly after the past few years, and this is just another feather in the hat of progress.

It seems the fans are split on the motto of the club, “Tous Pour Gagner,” which is French for roughly “Everyone for victory,” as many felt it should be “Tout Pour Gagner” (Everything for Victory) “Gagner Ensemble” (Win Together). The motto really is fine as it is.

This is what was said on the team’s website:“The team’s new motto, which refers to the importance of unity for victory. Also reminds us that the club is the sum of relentless efforts from players, staff, partners and supporters who make this organization a great success.”

I can get on that boat. No matter how difficult of a season it is on the pitch, at least this club will march into the stadium looking legitimate. That is a start. And it is better to start before you actually begin.

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  1. Posted by Steve on 08/08/2011 at 23:43


    I have to agree. It’s an awesome job. Meaningful, bold … even striking.

    I find it funny that my friend, who is a successful graphic designer, doesn’t like it. Oh well. He’s not a fan anyway. So, no love lost there.

    I do have a question about the slogan, though. The English translation of “Tous pour gagner”, according to the Impact website, is/was “Whatever it takes.” This is not the (Musketeers style) sentiment that we are now hearing. I’m happy to see that Joey et al seem to be distancing themselves from that unnecessarily aggressive version.


  2. Posted by Trindon on 09/28/2011 at 00:10

    I was watching the video and at the end, I was thinking “that’s a really attractive badge (shield).”

    Good luck next season from a Seattle Sounders fan.

    p.s. Please draft Nate Jaqua


  3. It’s an outstanding design


  4. […] de la provincia francófona de Quebec dentro de un país predominantemente anglófono como Canadá. El escudo del Impact (que para muchos ya puede ser considerado como el mejor de la liga) incluye la fleur-de-lis, un símbolo universal para identificar al legado cultural e histórico […]


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