Good Riddance, Jova

Liverpool got rid of dead weight that will make wages much less problematic.

Milan Jovanovic officially left Liverpool on a free transfer Tuesday to RSC Anderlecht.

Well, that was a failed experiment.

It is unfortunate that such a player had a failure as massive as he did in the squad. He just never fit well into either Roy Hodgson’s or Kenny Dalglish’s teams, making only 10 Premiership appearances. A completely failed investment (thankfully one that was free) that was one of the remnants of a winding down of the reign of Hicks and Gillett, Jovanovic was surprisingly poor. After doing so well at Standard Liege, it was widely believed that he could really make a name for himself in the red kit.

With the lack of playing time, it seemed Jova had too much time to think, which made him feel a bit homesick, as there are apparently no Serbians in Liverpool (shocker). Someone may have wanted to inform him that Liverpool isn’t Belgrade when he was considering signing with then-manager Rafa Benitez.

Sadly, for Jovanovic it may have been doomed from the start. Coming in for a manager that gets the sack just after you arrive is difficult, and he never recovered from that hurdle. Certainly, he still could make a big impact in Belgium, but that may be his last shot at playing in England.

Doubt he gets too worried about that, though. When he played, it was painful. Let it just be a signing that Liverpool supporters can just forget about in the future.


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