Barton Gets His Walking Papers

Newcastle is about to lose one of their best players. Geordies can send their thanks to Mr. Ashley's office.

Mike Ashley, douchebag extraordinaire, and the owner of Newcastle United recently told Joey Barton he is available to leave on a free transfer.

One has to ask, what the hell is wrong with this owner? For all of the complaints Manchester United fans have about the Glazers, QPR supporters have with Flavio Briatore et al, and any of the other clubs with bad ownership, Newcastle may have the most toxic situation of all. Ashley is an absolute cancer. He has dismantled a talented squad that was primed to continue a prolific climb up the table after the clubs unfortunate relegation. The club hired a great manager in Chris Hughton, and Ashley fired him as soon as he got the chance.

It is unlikely that the club will be relegated, as they still have a decent squad, but any hopes the club had to finish in the top half of the table could be dashed. Unfortunate for such a big and storied club as Newcastle. They are even witnessing their North East neighbors pass them out as the prime club of the region. Geordies have every reason to be mad, and the supporters should take action. The vast majority of Newcastle supporters want Ashley out, and this has to be the last straw. He may run the club like a business, but it is obvious he doesn’t care about the club’s badge or their supporters. While it seems to be commonplace in the game today, it is unacceptable.

The club has lost Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan. Two of the best of the bunch. The money? Nowhere to be found. Now Barton is on his way out, and Jose Enrique could be gone, as well. This is just poor business, even if you run the club as such.

Joey Barton may be a complete prick (for lack of a better term), but he is a Premiership footballer, and a good one at that. He also cares deeply about the Magpies, and their supporters.


Wherever he goes, he should contribute. He will probably end up being quite a factor.


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