ForEverton Flawed

If Phil Jagielka departs Everton, the club is in deep trouble.

Everton defender Phil Jagielka could be on his way to North London after Arsenal lodged a 15 million pound bit for the England international.

Are the Merseysiders completely stupid?

It is well-known that the Toffees have little money to spend, as they have not had a transfer at the club in nearly two years. This is rather unfortunate for them as manager David Moyes has had little to work with over the majority of his time at Goodison Park. That being said, the club desperately needs some moves, but what they do not need is top-level talent leaving to go onto bigger and better things. Jagielka is a staple to the Toffees squad. Removing him could leave for some real liabilities in the back four. Keeping him could mean quite a few places in the Premiership table by the time the season ends.

The Everton administration has been pathetic, at best. It also does not seem to be something that is going away anytime soon, either. Time will tell how the club can fare from constantly taking steps backward, but it likely isn’t good.

The club’s first match against Tottenham is only a couple of weeks away, and as it stands, the club sets itself up for a major risk if they get rid of the rock in the back that is Jagielka.


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