Spurs Should Take Action

Redknapp needs to work with the Spurs board to keep the ship heading up the table.

In a recent report from SkySports, Jermaine Defoe said that he wouldn’t go to Newcastle if he had the chance. That’s completely reasonable.

But why the hell is this even spoken about as an option?

Tottenham are at a crossroads. They recently just had one of their best seasons ever, and last year were able to play in Champions League for the first time ever. Some inconsistency, injuries and an overload of matches proved to be too much to get back into qualifying for the tournament for the second consecutive season. The club still qualified for Europa League, which isn’t bad, but they need to assert their place as a top club in England.

Manager Harry Redknapp has to put his foot down. Two of their most important players are Defoe and Peter Crouch. Both players have been rumored out as of late. Luka Modric has been trying to find an exit in White Hart Lane all summer. The only addition that has been made was Brad Friedel, and he is the short term option to work as cover for the hilariously inept Heurelho Gomes. They sent Kyle Naughton on loan to Norwich, as well as cut loose Jonathan Woodgate and sent Jamie O’Hara to Wolves. None of those are really bad losses for the right here and now.

This club needs to not only make it crystal clear that their scoring threats aren’t going anywhere, but that they are committed to bringing in talent.

Spurs’ big club relevancy hourglass is running a bit low as of late. Redknapp needs to add some more sand to it soon. If he doesn’t, mid-table will be very happy to take the Lilywhites back for an extended visit.


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  1. Posted by Alee on 08/04/2011 at 17:39

    Firstly regarding the strikers, Keane go. I just don’t think Crouch is up to the standard we need for top 4 aspirations. He’s got excellent positioning, an intelligent touch and a triffic attitude, but I don’t think he plays well as a target man because he has no power below the knees at times and it is so frustrating watching so many good chances go to waste compared to pav who gets less chances but more goals, in the PL at least, though I acknowledge the knock downs Crouch has supplied VDV for many of his goals.
    I haven’t got a clue who we’ll end up bringing in so I won’t even try to guess but on the assumption we end up with at least one 10 to 20 mill striker coming in, no doubt at the last minute, I would say allow him to move on with our thanks for what he has done for us.

    I would keep Pav as he can get a good run of goals at times and will more likely get better with age compared to Defoe. Pav seems just about content with playing as a squad striker compared to Defoe who can also get on a good run but is less content to sit on the bench. I would probably see If I could move him on for the right price if harry spotted another striker who would actually improve things. I just think Defoe is a confidence player. Don’t get me wrong I would like to keep him as he can score goals and I think too many assessments of him are on last years form alone it seems, but he struggles with form and for a consistent place up front for Tottenham this season we need someone of his calibre, but of more consistency.

    Another thing is what with the potential games in all competitions I really cannot see the harm in giving at least Kane and maybe even that Soulye…. whatever one place up front between them for pretty much he whole of our Europa and CC runs and see what they can do whilst concentrating on the Prem league. Who knows, maybe give them a game or two in the league if they start scoring.

    Also I thought the remark about Gomes was harsh. sure I know about the Real Madrid games and all but there aren’t many better goalies out there outside of the top 10 teams in Europe I’d say. Gomes made many, many good saves last year but such is the way that just as strikers at one end of the pitch make their reputations by scoring goals, goalkeepers at the other end of the pitch make their reputations by conceding goals.


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