City Sustain Blow as Tevez Leaves

Roberto Mancini recently announced Tevez just booked it to Corinthians.



A report from Sky News’ twitter feed recently announced the sale of Carlos Tevez to his old club Corinthians Paulista. The fee hasn’t been announced, but this is a huge blow to the club. That doesn’t even need to be stated. It hurts.

With 63 appearances with City since 2009, he netted 43 goals. That’s the same amount of matches he had with Manchester United – where he only scored 19. He is in the prime time of his career. Again, obvious. But, the Argentinian was very vocal over the past couple years that he wanted to retire in the near future, as well as head back to South America. The guy seems like he misses home, and no one can blame him for that.

But where does this leave City?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: City is loaded and there is no doubt they will try to find a replacement. But unless they are to get another one of the world’s proven star forwards (or strike it lucky with youngster), this will hurt a lot. They don’t have the firepower to replace him in the squad, either. No one is going to make a logical argument that Edin Dzeko or Emmanuel Adebayor will fill the role Tevez leaves. Adebayor is currently at odds with the club, and Dzeko just cannot have that output.

Mario Balotelli is just a handful, and if he doesn’t improve on maturity, I don’t see him becoming an elite striker. Certainly not a striker like Tevez.

Carlos will go to Brazil and tear it up. There should be nothing but domination expected. He is that good after all.

City just got shaken to the core, and it will be interesting to not only see how they fare in the transfer market, but how they do in multiple competitions. Champions League isn’t an easy time. The Citizens are about to learn how much harder and unforgiving it can be.


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