The Time Has Come

Something felt wrong when the U.S. was winning 2-0 over Mexico. It didn’t seem like many in the bar could tell that, though. Michael Bradley’s spectacular glancing header plus Landon Donovan’s surefire strike made the team look otherworldly, for a time.

The goals looked to be a bit against the run of play, with Donovan’s especially in that category. Steve Cherundolo’s loss seemed to absolutely kill the defense, and Tim Howard was dreadful at times, as well.

The U.S. failed to win the Gold Cup for the second straight time.

Mexico was the better team at the beginning of this tournament, and despite losing five players, they still proved how much better they are. Four straight-goals against a pretty much helpless opponent showed this.

Now the Yanks have to think about the future, with or without Bob Bradley. He failed during the 2010 World Cup when his boys could not make the quarterfinals – the goal expected by much of the country. Then, in the run-up to this year’s Gold Cup he puts out a weakened squad against Spain, and the U.S. gets destroyed on its own turf.  The Gold Cup itself would end up a failure, including a surprising run to the final after an awful start.

It remains to be seen if Bradley keeps his job. If he can? Prepare to watch the United States struggle to qualify for 2014, and have a possibly difficult time in the Gold Cup in two years. This is not being cynical, as this team has just not been up to par. Yes, yes. Cherundolo was hurt, but why would he replace him with Jonathan Bornstein, who time and time again just fails for the national team? Bradley, your lineup decision-making is that one-dimensional?

Also, Sacha Kljestan? That is your last-ditch substitution to get the team back into it?

His decisions not only during this game – or even this tournament were bad. In fact throughout his managing career with this team he has successfully bottled it.

The U.S. Men’s National Team will not continue to improve until Bradley is out. You did what you could, but you’ve lost the plot, Bob.


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