Villa’s Road To Relegation

Ashley Young is this happy to be leaving Aston Villa right before the walls come down.

What a bumpy road it has been the past 12 months for the non-blue outfit from Birmingham! Before the start of last season, the club loses James Milner, manager Martin O’Neill quits, the club crashes out of Europe before it even starts and then starts letting every player that matters leave?

Poor form, Villains. Poor, poor form.

With Ashley Young finally making his move to Manchester United, Brad Friedel off to Spurs and Michael Bradley’s exit eminent, Villa is in bad shape.

No, they are relegation candidates. It’s June 24. The season ended a little over a month ago, and the club has nearly two months before they have to kick the ball in a competitive match. Forget the newly promoted clubs, ignore the clubs who made their great escape last season and just picture this: Aston Villa with a squad weaker than West Ham’s under Avram Grant.

There is only one man standing in between them and a relegation mountain the size of Everest – Stewart Downing. The top-shelf winger is almost guaranteed to be Liverpool-bound this summer, once the right price can be met. It is unfortunate, but Villa need to show some transfer window savvy. The club cannot afford to enter the season with such a weak squad.

There is no attack left other than Darren Bent (if Downing exits).  The roster, or what is left of it, is filled with old players that can no longer hack it, or young players that happen to be crap. There’s a few decent field players there, surely. Gabriel Agbonlahor comes to mind immediately. But it’s far too thin. Guzan may get a chance if another keeper is not snatched up by the end of the window, but he certainly is nowhere near enough to keep this club afloat.

Villa’s supporters were dancing after hearing of Birmingham’s demise on the last day of the season. At the end of the 2011-12 campaign, they may just switch places.


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  1. Posted by Up Yours on 06/24/2011 at 12:28

    You obviously dont know Randy Lerner, Mcleish has money to spend they have to clear out the old first – shitty blog, and btw im not a Villa fan.


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