Taraabt’s Loss Would Cripple Rangers

Queen’s Park Rangers, the Shepherd’s Bush club that demolished The Championship last season is rumored to be okay with Adel Taraabt leaving for £10 million.

While rumors are rumors, and the football transfer window produces plenty of them, this one is particularly puzzling.

Taraabt is the main reason QPR won the league, or was even promoted at all. He is a machine. At 22, he was tied for fourth for most goals scored in The Championship (19) and led the English second level in assists! (16).

Adel Taraabt is a complete baller. Get ready for him to style on your club very soon.

Now the Moroccan is linked to Newcastle, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and probably every other club in England? Not surprised, but how could the club actually put a price on his head? Do they know something we don’t? Is this a bluff that is part of some sort of deep scheme rolled out by R’s brass? How many questions can I have in one paragraph?

From Liverpool’s perspective, he would be a great addition, but would still sit on the bench behind Suarez and Carroll. Arsenal may need a replacement for Fabregas if he ships out, and probably could even use a player like Taraabt if Cesc doesn’t leave. Still doesn’t seem like a fit. Chelsea? You’ve already got Sturridge, and possibly a million other forwards. Still, he could fit well into that side if Drogba leaves.

QPR absolutely has to hold onto him. Manager Neil Warnock should put his foot down and end this before it becomes a circus. The better Taraabt gets, the louder this rumor will get.

More likely than not, he will stay, and this is just another baseless rumor thought up through the awful game of “Telephone” that is the transfer window. He will probably have a massive season for the R’s, and help QPR assert themselves in the Premiership once again.

Think Spurs regrets letting him walk?


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