Can the Yanks Hack It?

U.S. wing back Eric Lichaj has a bright future, but his biggest test yet will take place this Saturday.

The United States will play in its eighth CONCACAF Gold Cup Final, and who better to play than Mexico?

After Mexico outlasted Honduras, the final that everyone expected at the beginning of the tournament to occur, did. Now the U.S., after playing in two solid games, has to play its most difficult opponent since the bullying by Spain at Foxboro. After how this team played against Panama and Guadeloupe, it could end up being the same type of game. Bradley’s team just doesn’t look like they have the fire under them.

A solid win against Canada, followed by the complete dud against Panama and this team looked dead in the water. The Guadeloupe match didn’t help out anyone’s opinion of this team, especially with Clint Dempsey having the worst day of his national team career. So what does a solid win against Jamaica and a ‘meh’ win against Panama spell? Trouble if the combination of Dempsey/Donovan/Agudelo doesn’t attack and attack often.

The defense needs to be shored up a bit as well. Cherundolo and Bocanegra have played great this tournament, and they will need to be flawless for 90-120 minutes against Mexico. Chicharito is going to be testing Howard’s skills all night, and Timmy will not be able to do it on his own. Lichaj and Goodson have also been good, with the former making a couple of rookie mistakes. They have been costly, but overall Lichaj is shaping up to be the long-term option on the wing.

This defense will have to play better than they have all tournament to thwart the Mexican attack, but with the up-and-down play of this whole tournament, a lot is left to be desired. Mexico is just too powerful right now. Just don’t think the U.S. has it in them.



However, if they do win? Well, that would be another storybook ending, with some iconic image coming from it.


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