Don’t Celebrate Yet

Did Bob Bradley save his job?

The U.S. Men’s National team just advanced to the Gold Cup Final by defeating Panama.

What this means: The U.S. Men’s National Team just accomplished what every American soccer fan expected since long before this tournament began.

Yes, the win was nice, and it was good to see the team get back on the horse with two strong matches in a row. But let’s be serious for a moment – This team isn’t playing well, and if the Yanks don’t pick up their game this will be one long match. Mexico is going to be beyond difficult and at this point right now, the U.S. will get absolutely ruined against Mexico.

Why? Here are four of the most important reasons you will need:

1. Bob Bradley – He may have saved his job by making it to the final, but the unimaginative and risky manager made some very poor roster decisions pre-tournament, and has not made the Yanks look motivated at all. If the team doesn’t come out fired up on Saturday, it is on Bobby’s head.

2. Jozy Altidore – Doubts abounded about the Americans’ ability to beat Mexico before Jozy’s injury. Now? The fact that the U.S. is in the final almost seems surprising. Without Altidore, the attack is much less dynamic.

3. Maurice Edu – His time on the pitch has certainly lacked this tournament, and it’s a shame. One of the midfielders that really can add a whole heap to the attack.

4. Chicharito – If Mexico wins, who is going to be credited for it? He already has six goals in this tournament, and for those who didn’t watch him at Manchester United, this is his coming-out party. The defense may be having nightmares for the next couple days before Hernandez walks onto the pitch in Pasadena.

The team can certainly pull off an upset, but that is all it will be. The U.S. entered this tournament on level pegging with Mexico, but has shown next to nothing for the majority of the tournament. Unless this team comes out and hammers the Mexican defense, this could be another disappointment in the making.


But wait, Mexico is playing Honduras first.



(Props to Freddy Adu. You got an assist. Now prove to the rest of us why you deserve to be here, because I don’t buy it yet.)


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