Rafa Finally Sacked

Rafael Benitez failed to last until January at the helm of the Nerazzurri.

Rafael Benitez has been sacked from Inter Milan. Surprise? It shouldn’t be. Rafa took over a club that just won Champions League and Serie A and made them into a fringe European side, as the Milanese side sit seventh in the table.

It is an extremely difficult, and probably impossible task to follow in the footsteps of Jose Mourinho. But if Rafa felt he could follow it up, (his rivalry with ‘The Special One’ nonwithstanding) his failure to make a top squad retain its’ talent is pretty much his fault.

Before we exploit all of the negatives, let’s talk about the positives for Inter this season: They won the Supercoppa Italiana, Club World Cup and made it to the last 16 of Champions League.

Yep, that’s it. Not bad for six months in charge, but both of those successes were expected for the Nerazzurri. The Club World Cup, in the grand scheme of things, is no big deal. It’s nice, of course, but the fans aren’t going to live and die by that tournament. The Supercoppa Italiana is certainly commendable, but it will be looked at as Mourinho’s accomplishment. The same goes for the Club World Cup win.

Inter is currently 10 points off of a Champions League spot and eight points off of the Champions League Playoff-round. Their record of six wins, five draws and four losses isn’t terrible, but it isn’t near what Inter were supposed to be. Not defeating arch-enemies AC Milan probably didn’t help Benitez’s cause, but the losses to Genoa and Cagliari had to hurt. Draws against Brescia and Bologna are also pretty awful for Inter.

The club also failed to finish first in their Champions League group. They advanced, yes. But losing out on the top spot to Champs League new-boys Tottenham, well that must have irked Mr. Moratti a bit.

Rafa didn’t deserve this gig. He has taken only six months, but he successfully turned Inter into what Liverpool is today. That is inexcusable. I would be lying if I said Rafa didn’t have managing talent, but lately he has been a shell of his former managing self. He will get a good gig elsewhere, but it won’t be as prestigious as Inter or Liverpool.

Oh, and Scousers? He isn’t going back to Anfield. Don’t even think about it. Not happening.


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