Is Mike Ashley Stupid? Short Answer: Yes


Good job, Mike. Always looking out for the club.



Newcastle United fired manager Chris Hughton yesterday.

This is the same manager that helped the club bounce back from relegation after only one season. Oh, and the club did it by tallying 102 points for the season.

Hughton also helped the Magpies to 12th place so far in the Premiership. That includes a 6-0 win against Aston Villa, a 5-1 win against archrivals Sunderland and a 1-0 win against current league leaders, Arsenal. Not bad. Well, considering they also defeated Chelsea 4-3 in the Carling Cup, one would think that the club has had some pretty high highs this season.

One would be right. Unless you are Mike Ashley, of course.

Ashley has done some epically stupid things in his time, but this could well top it. This is worse than the beer pint incident, surely.

It boggles the mind to think that a club could get rid of a manager like Hughton. While yes, the club has not won since November 7th, they still drew Chelsea in that time period, and haven’t completely lost the plot. Hughton was having a great season for a manager of a newly-promoted club. To be completely frank, he would be my vote for Manager of the Year, so far.

So now, the club sacks him before a huge match against Liverpool, and Peter Beardsley takes over as interim manager.


Hughton: Unloved for a job well done.



This is absolute madness. How can you do such a thing? Whispers are starting to get louder that Martin Jol would like the job, as he resigned from Ajax on Monday. But how exactly is Jol a step-up? The Toon had a good thing going with Hughton. And the Newcastle board just screwed it all up.

5-7-4 is not a bad start for a newly promoted club. It really isn’t. If the Magpies were in the relegation zone, then it would make some sense to can Hughton. But they are a pretty solid club. This isn’t Derby County, here. This is a contender to stay up. This team was pretty much guaranteed to stay up.

If Newcastle starts to really tumble, the supporters will know exactly who to blame.

I just hope someone snatches Hughton up quickly. He is a class manager and the 51 year-old is only at the beginning of what should be a long managerial career.

Whatever club does decide to give him a contract won’t regret it.


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  1. your good


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