Reds Win Group K; Look Crappy Doing It

Jova's goal sent the Reds through Group K as first place finishers.

Liverpool drew Steaua Bucharest 1-1, but thanks to Napoli drawing FC Utrecht 3-3, the Reds now have finished on top of Group K.

It may not have been pretty, but the goal is accomplished with one match to spare.

Babel’s cross to Jovanovic for the goal was great, and hopefully Jova can win some more time in the first team with the goal. He’s only been very, very good every minute he has put in for the club.

In the first half, Liverpool looked like they were playing a League Two side, and a walkover was in the works. Halftime came and the Reds looked to take it, but an absolutely flat second half gave them the draw.

The positives do outweigh the negatives, but Roy needs to get the youngsters in gear. They don’t get many appearances, and they need to make the most of it. If the first team was in today, it would be expected to have a comfortable win like the first match.

Cole still didn’t look good, but it is first game back. Do not judge the midfielder too harshly.

Eder Bomfim’s goal was absolutely ridiculous. While the defense should be blamed for letting Steaua sit in the attacking area for so long, Pepe absolutely has to make that save. He had the captain’s armband today. Captains do not make those mistakes. It was an easy save, and it cost Liverpool two points.

The Reds have Aston Villa at Anfield on Monday night in a Premiership match-up. It’s a big one.

At least the extra pressure of Europa League play will be off of Liverpool, for a while.


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