USA Bid Hanging in the Balance

We are just hours away from FIFA’s announcement of who will get the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids.

It seems that the entire United States soccer community is holding their collective breath. Ten years ago, who would have been able to argue that Qatar may get a World Cup bid? I hope my nervousness turns out to be just a precursor to joy, but it is still about 11 hours away from the big announcement.

The United States is just hours away from finding out if it will hold the 2022 World Cup.

The United States has proven, that over the past few years, they are deserving of this bid. Remove all the hype from the bid. Remove Bill Clinton, Sunil Gulati, Morgan Freeman and Landon Donovan. The United States can hold this tournament tomorrow, if necessary.

-The infrastructure is here.

-The fans are here. (What foreign country bought the most tickets to South Africa? Who had the most successful World Cup of all time? The United States)

-The demand is here and will only be bigger in 2022. MLS will be ten years more mature. There will be even more fans than now, and the number will just continue to climb thanks to the new-found

-The United States is relatively safe and is extremely diverse.

These are just some of the reasons that the United States deserves this bid. Volumes of books could be written on why the United States deserves this. I am sure that the readers of this blog have been force-fed the reasons why the United States should get this bid. It is nothing new to any of us.

World Cup 94 is the reason why MLS began. United States supporters’ groups (Sam’s Army) developed out of the World Cup. The World Cup in 1994 is a big reason why we get to watch foreign league matches every weekend.

Imagine what another World Cup will do.

10am ET. It can’t come quicker. The clock can’t move slower.

Dear FIFA,

Award the 2022 World Cup bid to the United States. We won’t disappoint you. You know this from experience.


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