FA Cup Is Back!

The FA Cup Third Round draw occurred yesterday.

For those that don’t really understand the way the FA Cup works, the Third Round Proper (this round) is when the rest of the English Football Pyramid makes an appearance in the tournament. Even more simply, this is the Championship’s and the Premier League’s entrance to the tournament, which will take place in early January.

Fergie will be pretty happy about getting to play his adversary, Liverpool.

So this is where the big boys get to clobber some minnows. You know, get a little practice before the big matches.

Well, that’s how it usually goes.

Liverpool drew Manchester United.

Yeah. I am not kidding.

Remember the scene in “Green Street Hooligans,” where everyone is freaking out that West Ham drew Millwall? Or even the scene in “The Damned United” where the then-Derby County manager Brian Clough freaked out in celebration for drawing Don Revie’s Leeds? Yeah, that’s the kind of excitement I imagine most United and Liverpool fans had when this came out. Even though most of the supporters would expect the game to be a couple of rounds after this, it is still a mouth-watering match-up. For everyone.

Everyone except Roy, apparently. Roy feels that it is unfortunate that the two clubs meet so early. While one can understand the logic, it really only spells out one thing: Roy is scared.

While countless others are shaking with excitement over the prospect of this match, Hodgson has to screw it up. Maybe he should just not have an opinion on anything for the rest of the year. That could fix things.

Some of the other key match-ups are:

Arsenal v Leeds United- An old Premier League tie that used to mean a lot more than it does now. Arsenal should take this, but this will conjure up old memories and could be a preview for a Premier League match-up in the next couple years. Leeds supporters must love this.

Will Taarabt continue to grow QPR's season into an FA Cup success on top of their current Championship run?

Leicester City v Manchester City- Sergio Pizzorno v Noel Gallagher. Not only did the Kasabian front man and the face of Oasis take part in the draw, they selected each other. Something tells me that the majority of Kasabian fans around the world will be pulling for Pizzorno’s club in this tie.

Blackburn Rovers v QPR- This could be a future Premier League match-up as early as next season. QPR is surging still, and they could definitely knock off Blackburn on the back of the R’s talisman, Adel Taraabt.

It’s the FA Cup people. This is an absolutely great tournament, and it will turn out to be a cracker of a tournament this time around, I am sure. Get excited. It still is a little bit away, but it will be upon us soon enough.

Seriously. United v Liverpool.

That. Is. Awesome.


Edit: Here is the draw video of Noel and Serge drawing their clubs’ fixture.


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