Liverpool Leave Lane With Nothing

Aaron Lennon shocked Liverpool with a late strike, sending Spurs to a big home win.

The first half ended, and Liverpool were flying high. A 1-0 lead that easily could have been 2-0  or 3-0.

If the game only was supposed to last 45 minutes, Liverpool had played very well.

The second half? Ouch. A rough own goal by Skrtel, which canceled out his earlier strike; and a late, late late goal by Aaron Lennon. Just like that, the Reds went from three points, to no points.

What went wrong?

-Martin Atkinson was an abomination officiating this match. There was an obvious penalty when Kuyt was taken down in the box in the second half, but no call was made. Also, was pretty interesting to see that so many yellow cards (five) for Liverpool, and none for Spurs. It wasn’t that lopsided of a physical fight.

-Finishing was horrible. Maxi and Torres specifically should be ashamed. If Liverpool is to remain competitive, goals need to be scored.

-Paul Konchesky needs to be benched. Is there no one else in the city of Liverpool, or in the Merseyside area, that can defend better than him?

-Jamie Carragher is now out for a month with a separated shoulder. When is Danny Agger coming back? We’re starting to lose out depth, and losing it fast. Sotirios Kyrgiakos better deliver in Carra’s absence.

-With van der Vaart and Kaboul going out early in the match, Liverpool couldn’t capitalize on it. Two of Tottenham’s hottest players can’t even finish the first half, and the Reds can’t make good on it. That is a big issue.

-Jermaine Defoe missed a penalty. How do you let the momentum shift back in Tottenham’s favor after a penalty? That was just unacceptable.

Skrtel was both hero and goat for Liverpool today.

-Joe Cole missed another match. A twisted ankle yesterday in training kept him out as a last-second scratch. This is something that Liverpool really couldn’t afford. He should be back next match, but he may need a couple of games still to get back to his top-form. Being out today didn’t help.

Liverpool now sits 10th in the Premiership, with 19 points from 15 matches. Not exactly stellar, eh? Still, the Reds are only a point off of Sunderland, who sits seventh. Bolton is only four points ahead, and sits in sixth place. Not unattainable by any stretch, but every missed opportunity, every screw-up that Liverpool has, is just going to put them further and further down the sinkhole.

The Reds have Steaua Bucharesti in Europa League Thursday, before having to play Monday at Anfield, against Aston Villa.


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