Liverpool 3-0 Robert Green

Allow me to be blunt for a moment.

West Ham is bad. No, they are worse than bad. West Ham is relegation fodder.

It’s a shame to say it, but there is almost no way this team stays up. Liverpool hasn’t played a worse club in years. Sometimes you see a club really take it to another club. Other times you see a club take it to themselves. That’s what was seen with the Hammers today.


Green is on a sinking ship, and no one else is helping him.



It may only be November, but West Ham cannot play football if their lives depended on it (in a weird way, their life does depend on it). They didn’t even try for most of this game. Liverpool were doing whatever they wanted, the entire time. It was pathetic that a club in the Premiership would play like this. They had no heart, no fight and no ambition this whole match. It was Liverpool (sans-Gerrard, Cole and Lucas) versus Robert Green.

Players weren’t closing down angles, they weren’t running onto long balls and they certainly weren’t developing many chances. On defense — wait, there was no defense. It was Green, by himself, defending against an angry Liverpool side. You know, the one that was embarrassed by Stoke last week.

As I said a few posts back, this is not Avram Grant’s fault. I stick by that statement. This club just isn’t able to field a very good side right now. I doubt January will be enough to save them.


Glen Johnson: Always clutch, no matter the hairstyle.



But, regarding the Reds, this has to be a very good win. A 3-0 scoreline would be more of a motivator when achieved against a more-talented club, but this is a good recovery from last week for Liverpool. The goals were scored with such ease, that the players have to be believing in themselves right now.

Did anyone notice that when Kuyt scored from the spot, that both he and Gerrard (who was in the stands with injury) gave each other a thumbs-up? I thought that was a spectacular gesture, that really shows the tight-knit quality of this club. It’s a thing of beauty.

Also, it was great to see Glen Johnson hit the back of the net in his first match back. He is really vital for Liverpool, whether fans realize it or not.

And Maxi Rodriguez’s goal was a perfect way to sum up this match. An uncontested cross, an uncontested header, an uncontested goal.

Someone give Liverpool a pat on the back, and someone give Rob Green a hug.


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