Kansas City Name Change: It’s An Improvement.

The Kansas City Wizards are now Sporting KC.

The Wizards is not as good of a name as this; even if the name isn't gold.

Thank God there is no longer an MLS team named “Wizards.” Seriously. I have nothing against Kansas City, I actually like a majority of their players. But wow, Wizards is just an awful, awful name.

People may not like the “europeanization” of MLS, but let’s break it down. Has it really done damage? And why is being like the rest of the footballing world a bad thing?

Top-Tier of MLS names:

D.C. United=Great name. It just is. I don’t care if they didn’t merge clubs to get this name. It is class.

New York Red Bulls/Red Bull New York > N.Y./N.J. Metrostars= Seriously. This is the ultimate of no-brainers. Metrostars was painfully awful. Even if their name is a sponsor, I don’t care. It is better.

Philadelphia Union= Another great name.

Seattle Sounders FC= Keeping their history, while still using a pretty sexy name.

FC Dallas >>>>>> Dallas Burn= Okay, there is just as much of an argument as RBNY here. Dallas Burn was an awful, horrid, disgustingly embarrassing name.

Toronto FC= They may be Montreal’s arch-enemy, but the name works.

C.D. Chivas USA= It works.


Mid-Tier of MLS names

Sporting KC > Kansas City Wizards= It is so much better than the former name, it blows my mind. But the whole non-connection to Kansas City is a bit weird to me.

Colorado Rapids= Not a real problem with this one. Not terrible, but not godly.

New England Revolution= Read the Rapids one.


European-ish names that don’t fly well:

Houston Dynamo= Still confused on this one…

Real Salt Lake= Thought we rid ourselves of the monarchy a couple hundred years ago….


Remember this?


Columbus Crew= What is the Crew? Are they just a bunch of bros, that chill and stuff?

Los Angeles Galaxy= Too much remembrance of the Cosmos, the club that ruined soccer in the USA 30 years ago.

San Jose Earthquakes= Never was a fan of naming your team after a natural disaster that is native to your area.

Chicago Fire= Same as San Jose, except it’s a fire…


There’s the completely unscientific breakdown of MLS names. Sporting KC doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Didn’t think so.

I understand if the Kansas City fans are irked by the name change; as it affects you the most; but I trust that in time, you will realize that the Wizards was a horrible name and you are all better off for it.


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