Inconsistency Harms Liverpool’s Climb

Sorry, this one’s a little belated…

Liverpool went to the Britannia Saturday in hopes of erasing the memory of the awful 1-1 draw at Wigan. What do the Reds get for their sins? A dour 2-0 loss to Stoke at the weekend. Dour in what respect, you might ask?

Well, it was a bit of Murphy’s Law, a bit of poor managing and a whole heap of disastrous play.

Liverpool can’t be consistent if their lives depended on it. Let’s just hope that it never has to come to that. The back four didn’t play. Konchesky is starting to become Bramble-esque in the back, and Carra, Kyrgiakos and Skrtel all left a lot to be desired.

"You are no good to the club if you are suspended" ~What Roy should be saying to Lucas

The midfield produced next-to nothing for the attack. Sound familiar? After a few brilliant matches by Lucas, he seemed invisible at best, and poor at worst. Oh, and the extremely late red card is only going to cause trouble next week at West Ham. Gerrard had yet another one of his ‘I will just not try today’ type matches. Meireles and Kuyt looked okay, but Meireles should never have been taken off when he was. Whatever sliver of attack Liverpool had left was certainly lost by the time he went off.

Torres had another poor match, but he can’t be completely blamed, since none of the midfield could get the ball to him.

What was the deal with Hodgson putting Babel on? It is well-known that Babel has been used as a ‘super-sub’ in the past, but he just can’t produce in that situation when he has barely featured at all this season.

Hodgson’s decision-making is really starting to make the masses scratch their heads. If a team can look brilliant against Chelsea, yet look average or worse against Wigan and Stoke, certainly the burden has to be put on the manager. A team cannot get up for the tough matches, and then look flat during the easier matches and expect to do well.

This is the first Liverpool loss against Stoke in the league in 26 years. Not something that should happen when a club is looking to turn the corner on an awful start to the season, is it?

Give Stoke credit. Great goals by Ricardo Fuller and Kenwyne Jones sealed the win for the Potters, who pulled themselves one spot ahead of Liverpool.

The now 11th place Reds will host West Ham Saturday in what has to be viewed as a must-win. The club has lost vital points over the past two matches, and with a trip to the Lane to play Spurs looming, Liverpool have to put themselves in a better league position. Also, some confidence might not hurt.


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