Joey Barton: Everyone’s Favorite Idiot

It was announced yesterday that Joey Barton will receive a three-match ban for punching Blackburn’s Morten Pedersen during the Magpies’ 2-1 loss, Wednesday.


Barton might be better suited to have a police escort while on the pitch.



How does a punch only warrant a ban of three matches?

The Premier League really needs to crack down on violence of this sort. It may not occur often, but they need to crack down on repeat offenders. Joey Barton is a real scummy character, and this is not even close to his first offense. Barton is just trouble.

He has committed assaults both on and off the pitch. If the league actually had the wherewithal, they would ban him until the new year. A three-match ban will do nothing for him. It’s a relaxing couple games off, that’s all. There’s a problem with this.

I was going to sit here and list all of the stupid things Barton has done over the course of his career, but realizing that it would take forever, I decided against it. Thankfully, The Independent has all of them listed up until 2008.

That should give you a good idea of what a stand up citizen Barton is.

Soccer is a physical game, yes. But players like Barton take it to inexcusable levels. Someone give this man a proper ban. He will do something epically stupid again.


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