A Mixed Bag: Liverpool 1-1 Wigan

Liverpool shouldn’t draw Wigan. Not now. Not seven weeks ago. Not seven weeks from now. It shouldn’t happen. Especially when Wigan didn’t play a particularly stellar match. Oh, the frustrations of football.

The Bad:

-Beyond the 1-1 draw, the defense looked awful in the second half. Couldn’t stop Wigan if they wanted to. Luckily Pepe Reina had a huge game, as usual. The attacking of Charles N’Zogbia and Hugo Rodallega torched the defense, and made Wigan look very impressive at times, despite the Latics really not being stellar overall.

-The attack was fractured at best, and poor at worst.

-Roy’s substitutions of Poulsen, Shelvey and Eccleston added nothing to the attack, and really just bound the Reds to the draw.

-Gerrard’s decision-making was not stellar. He didn’t cost Liverpool the game, but his play certainly made the club’s opportunities to take the lead back that much more difficult. He missed two chances in the match (one in the first half and one in the second) that he just needs to make. A little softer of a strike, and he would have had two goals.


Hugo Rodallega took two vital points from Liverpool today.



The Good:

-Torres got on the scoresheet again, showing that his confidence is starting to skyrocket.

-The midfield overall looked strong, which is another good sign that the team is coming back together.

-The club now sit in eighth, not fifth like they could be if they won, but eighth is still a good spot to be in. The club is climbing.

Luckily, the club plays Stoke on Saturday. If Liverpool can take three points from Pulis’ men, then they can really start it going. The club will face West Ham after that, before a huge clash with Spurs at the Lane on November 27th.

Liverpool may have had a slip-up yesterday, but it shouldn’t be something that keeps them down. Things are looking up, even if Reds’ faithful are a little down today.


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