Pulis Wants Referee Relegation: Pulis Is Brilliant

Stoke City manager Tony Pulis has suggested a ‘referee relegation system‘ to discourage poor decisions and to make referees more culpable for awful calls.

This might be the smartest thing that I have ever heard a manager say.

Referee mistakes are an absolutely massive problem in today’s game. To institute this would be absolutely amazing.


Tony Pulis and his hat might have the most brilliant idea of all.



According to the article, Pulis told BBC Five Live:

“Every club should have one vote [annually] and mark referees after every game.

“Then they have a chance of being relegated to the Championship. It would be a great system.”

This is the way to do it. The best referees should be in the best league. The ones that do not make the cut should be sent down. The Championship referees that are exemplary, well they should get rewarded in a more formal way than they currently do.

First off, it is not easy to be a football referee. It is probably easier to be the leader of a country. (Okay, maybe not THAT difficult) But there are few occupations where every single thing one does has a magnifying glass over it. Constantly under pressure and under fire, it is a difficult job. Be that as it may, if you make the right decisions, you will get less heat.

This could be a very, very good precedent if it was ever to be installed. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that if it was installed, that other nations would install it. And if that happened, maybe, just maybe, FIFA and UEFA would take a look at it, and it could help fix the laughable state of their referees during the World Cup, Euros, Champions League and Europa League.

I could list the recent gaffes by referees. But I won’t. That would warrant its’ own blog.

Harry Redknapp likes the idea. There is no one else in Britain that lets you know what he thinks like Harry. Maybe we should actually start listening to him if this is the kind of stuff he agrees with.*

Clubs already rate referees and their performances. The voting should actually mean something.

The Premier League and the Football League need to look at this. It would benefit everyone.

Their job is to make sure that decisions benefit everyone, right?


*(Park The Bus does not expect you to start listening to Harry Redknapp.)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve on 11/09/2010 at 09:20

    Nice !!

    I will quote you when I talk about this.

    Thanks for bringing it to your readers’ attention.


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