Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Wimbledon Edition

AFC Wimbledon supporters may finally get the match they have been waiting for.

The Guardian is reporting that MK Dons are a win away in the FA Cup from facing the club that was created because of their move in 2002: AFC Wimbledon.

There are rivalries and there are “You took my club, you bastards” rivalries. The latter gets a bit more heated.

If this can happen, it will be the first matchup of the two clubs since AFC Wimbledon’s formation. Currently, MK Dons are members of League One, while AFC Wimbledon are in the Conference National, the fifth tier of the English Football Pyramid, and two levels below League One.

Both clubs have to get by other opponents in the First Round Proper: MK Dons plays Stevenage Borough (League Two), while AFC Wimbledon gets Ebbsfleet United (Conference South, level below Conf. National). If they can get by these opponents, saying that it will be a tense atmosphere is the understatement of the century.

For those who don’t know, MK Dons were once Wimbledon FC. The club was located in south-west London, and moved to Milton Keynes, north of London, and were completely re-branded. This was against the wishes of the supporters (obviously), but also the FA and Football League. (Who eventually stood aside and allowed the club to move) With AFC Wimbledon created just a couple of years before the move, the rivalry starts there, despite them never playing.

Will Milton Keynes' supporters prove the move was not in vain?

So this would be an absolutely monumental match, even if it is between two lower-league clubs. The passion will be there. The distaste will be there. This is going to be one incredibly heated matchup.

For the neutral supporter, one has to lick their chops at the sight of this matchup. For the biased supporter, this is the match of a lifetime. After all these years of hardship for both clubs, a chance at some vindication is at hand.

It may only be a dream at the moment, but it can become a reality very soon. One that is nearly 10 years in the making. It will be worth it for all involved, as well as every outsider as well.

Both replays will take place on November 16. Keep an eye out for it. This will be huge, even if it is not the levels of the English game you may be used to. Don’t underestimate the passion of the supporters.


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  1. A few factual errors here.

    Yes, the supporters did NOT want this to happen (who would??), but the FA and League sat by and in fact, a three-man commission of the FA approved the move even though just about everyone involved was against it and financial details were not all sorted.

    AFC Wimbledon was not created before the move and in fact were created within a week after the FA made their decision and approved the franchising move of Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFC_Wimbledon for a pretty comprehensive history.


    • Yes, you are right on the first point, but initially they said they did not want the move to occur. That is what I was referring to. If they didn’t eventually approve it, it would never have happened.

      AFC Wimbledon WERE created before the original Wimbledon were moved to MK Dons. They were created in the wake of the sanctioning of the move. The original Wimbledon were effectively moved after AFC became for real.

      Everything that I said is supported in the link you provided.

      Thanks for reading, and I do appreciate the comment, and also appreciate you checking out the site 🙂


      • Posted by Martin on 11/08/2010 at 03:25

        AFC Wimbledon were created on 30th May 2002, two days after an FA Commission gave Wimbledon FC Ltd legally-binding permission to move to MK just to get a supermarket built.

        Many Wimbledon fans (including our Chief Executive and many of our board) DO NOT want to play them EVER. We can only lose from the association and they will only gain. They have abused our name and League place enough already.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AFC Wimbledon, Christopher Boulay. Christopher Boulay said: New from #ParkTheBus http://bit.ly/btW4au "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The #Wimbledon Edition" #afcwimbledon #mkdons #League1 #nonleague #facup […]


  3. Posted by Martin on 11/08/2010 at 03:21

    It is not a rivalry. There are not a football club. They are the now-pointless enabling part of a supermarket property development.

    Come on Stevenage!


  4. An AFC Wimbledon supporter here in Jakarta wrote to me thinking this is one of my posts; nice theme!

    I’ve been a Charlton fan for nigh on 50 years, and, having had our own turf troubles, like all Addicks my unbiased support will be for AFC to come through and then lose to us in the third round.


  5. Posted by Sean on 11/08/2010 at 05:07

    It is not a dream tie nor one I will be licking my chops at thanks: It is the game that should never have been possible. It is not a rivalry I want our rivals to remain in existnece so we can enjoy beating them, I never want us to have to play that abomination made possible by ASDA’s desire for a supermarket , the shameful murder of my club by two Noewgians and a South African, and the misguided beleif that for our fans we would have rather gone broke and started again as an alternative but then that wasnt in the wider interests of football apparently.. As for vindication being based on the result of an FA Cup tie that is simply crap, vindication would be the FA chucking them out of the league


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