The Return of the Reds

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

Torres is back. That became evident before halftime against Chelsea

That is not a typo.

That is not a broken link.

That is the result of Fernando Torres realizing that he can do whatever he wants, when he gets hot.

He got hot.

Two brilliant goals from Torres, and absolute dominant first half play from this Liverpool side, and they toppled the defending champs. The team at the top of the table, is not only beatable, but Liverpool, the club who could do nothing right this season, now has beaten them.

Goal 1 (11′)

Goal 2 (44′)

To add to it, the club is on a four-match win streak in all competitions. Not too shabby.

Chelsea looked a bit lost without Drogba, and when he finally came on, they really pressed. But Reina played like an absolute baller, making some beyond amazing saves in the second half. It seemed, despite most of the second half dominance by Chelsea, the club’s comeback push ended with Yuri Zhirkov’s substitution.

Also, real nice of Howard Webb to ignore John Terry’s antics all game. He should have been carded on about six different occasions. But again, this is a monumental statement match for Liverpool, and Scousers should be satisfied with that.

Wigan is on Wednesday, and it would be absolutely huge for Liverpool to keep this going. If they can win at Wigan, the debacle to start the season will start to be seen as merely a ‘slow start’ and not the huge disappointment that it was played up to be. There actually IS salvaging to this season. Only 11 matches have been played, theres 27 left, and Liverpool is just starting to get back in the thick of the race for Europe.

Reds faithful may not realize it yet, but this is exactly where Liverpool wants to be. This is where they work best, as the underdog. Gaining successes from this position only makes the victories sweeter.


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