Marseille Channels PSV; Slaps Zilina 7-0

It’s the biggest away win for a team in UEFA Champions League history. The only team to outdo them was Liverpool in 2007, when they absolutely wrecked Besiktas 8-0.

It doesn’t matter who you play, you should absolutely not lose 7-0 in the group stage of the Champions League. If you do, it is because your team either died on the way to the match, and the referee just happened to allow the match to get underway. That, or you are named MSK Zilina.

Sounds like another European club that recently had a big screw-up, eh?

Andre-Pierre Gignac had a hat-trick  for the Ligue 1 side in the match. The goals are absolutely spectacular, and really show the talent gap between the two clubs. You have to feel for Zilina. They were terrible and got exposed for it.


This is pretty much what MSK Zilina had to deal with all match.


But how do you go down 4-0 at half? Not even Spurs can come back from that, and they have Gareth “Welsh God” Bale! Marseille just tore into them. This is something that hasn’t been seen by your fearless blogger in Champions League in years. Pure and total destruction. Scorched earth, if you will.

Marseille is level with Spartak Moscow on six points with two matches to go. They face one another on the next matchday for what might be the decider of who advances to the knockouts with Chelsea.

But anyway, I don’t care how bad Zilina is. After a match like that, I would not want my club to face Marseille right now. So if you are a Spartak supporter, try not to wet your pants before your club gets on the pitch in a couple of weeks.


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