Scousers Eating The Ice Cream?

Liverpool currently are on a hot streak.

Okay, okay, maybe not. But, two wins in a row is not too shabby for the Reds, as they have needed something. Anything.

Could they make a statement with Napoli coming to play at Anfield?

Neapolitan: Delicious.

It looks like the off-pitch issues should take a back seat this time around, since the stabbies won’t be hanging around the bowels of Liverpool like they apparently do in Naples. Also, no need to have Mr. Dickinson flying while blasting “Aces High” on repeat.

Maybe, for the third match in a row, Liverpool could actually focus on the pitch. Refreshing, innit?

Liverpool seldom lays down and dies at home, especially with how loud the Kop gets. So it should be a different situation than the 0-0 snoozer at San Paolo.

The Reds have a grand opportunity for this match. Currently, the Group K points situation looks like this:

Liverpool 5

Napoli 3

Utrecht 3

Steaua 2

Liverpool is the only club in the group that has won a match. This would be absolutely massive if the Reds could pull off a win at home against Napoli (arguably as good, if not better than Liverpool) and put a massive gap between the two clubs, with only two matches to play in the group.

This is the group I expect to see on the pitch: Reina, Carra, Kyrgiakos, Skrtel, Konchesky, Gerrard, Lucas, Maxi, Poulsen, Jovanovic, Ngog.


Rumors that Torres will be benched for this match are looming, though probably just to get him ready for the hell that will be playing Chelsea at the weekend. Also, Cole is hurt, as is Kuyt obviously. Glen Johnson will be back for the match, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the attacking defender come on as a sub.

One more thing about the squad: Lucas hasn’t been unwatchable lately. I am not ready to crown him the god of midfielders, but his passing has been easier on the eyes as of late. Also, he has refrained from trying to kick the ball to Scotland when attempting to shoot. Well done, Lucas.

A win against Napoli=gaining a large amount of steam going into the match against the ‘other’ Blues.

But first thing’s first, and that’s the Europa League; a tournament that all Liverpool supporters are supposed to care about, at least when the Reds are in it.

Without the Carling Cup, what the hell else are you going to watch?


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