Scottish FL: Dundee, You Are Relegated


Dundee captain Gary Harkins



Dundee FC, a Scottish First Division (second tier) club has been hit with a 25 point penalty for going into administration.

Wow. 25 points. That’s eight wins and a draw. Holy crap.

The club’s financial problems are well documented, and they were told they only have a few weeks to straighten out their finances before liquidation.

The club has already looked to the public for support, with the  club’s Twitter account @dundeefconline informing supporters a couple of weeks ago that they were taking PayPal donations to try to save the club.

This is just a horrible, horrible penalty to a club that needs a near-miracle. 25 points? Chelsea would barely be able to get out of that hole this season to avoid relegation. That is nothing more than a death sentence for the club.  To add to it, they prevent further transfers for the club until they exit administration. Ouch.

This happened in Scotland already with Gretna. Does the Scottish Football League want this to happen to a club with a history that is not too shabby? One would think not, but Scotland has always had problems with their league structure (Old Firm). Giving them such a huge penalty shows the lack of care for the clubs. I guarantee that Celtic and Rangers wouldn’t get a penalty like that if they were in the same situation. Hell, Aberdeen wouldn’t get this type of penalty.

I really can’t imagine that they survive this. Having said that, I really, really hope they do.

Dundee will appeal. If they are unsuccessful, they will go to the courts. They should.

Just like Pompey, don’t let good clubs die.

Sorry for the string of sad posts about sad things. That just happens to be the world of soccer lately.


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  1. The SFL are a disgrace of an organisation. Dundee FC will never die –


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