WPS May Fail; Another Blow To Women’s Soccer


Marta, widely considered to be the best female soccer player on earth, now has to look elsewhere for work. Her club, Gold Pride FC, reportedly has gone under.

Reports coming in the past couple hours are announcing that the WPS are on the verge of folding two clubs.

Jeff Kassouf, a friend of mine, and SI women’s soccer blogger has announced that Washington Freedom and FC Gold Pride will be folding at some point this week on his news website, The Equalizer.

First off, this is a sad day for soccer in the United States. If WPS loses any more clubs, they are as good as done. The league is realizing very quickly that the problems of the WUSA are manifesting again with this league.

WPS is the only professional women’s league in the world. All other leagues are amateur. The WUSA folded after three seasons due to financial problems. One would think that when retrying the experiment, the league would tread more carefully. Guess not.

The league isn’t dead yet, and it could still survive into next season. But if the market isn’t big enough, it will die. The league already lost St. Louis Athletica, and it can’t endure any other setbacks.

One thing that would certainly help the league is if MLS would get involved. But with how quickly that league is changing, they probably wouldn’t be able to help, nor would they want to.

WPS needs to focus on the soccer aspect of the game, not the women’s rights aspect of the game. Women should have a professional league IF there is a demand strong enough. If they focus on the soccer aspect, it probably will succeed. I think that the league is a big turn-off to a lot of soccer fans because there is the belief that it is a women’s rights machine that doesn’t put the product first. I could be wrong, but that is the impression that I get.

A professional league is a privilege, not a right. If WPS fails, there will always be amateur leagues that will act as the top league in the USA. And if WPS does fail, Americans who are women’s soccer fans will still have the badge of honor that they were a part of the effort not once, but twice.

I wish the league the best, but I fear the worst.


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