Grant is Not The Issue Here

West Ham manager Avram Grant looks asleep. Probably because of his club's less-than-stellar play.

There have been rumblings around West Ham that Avram Grant might be on his way out the door.

Okay. Maybe a little more than rumblings. There have been what seems to be angry crowds screaming to get him out.

West Ham currently sit bottom in the Premiership table with six points from nine matches. They hired Grant after last season to replace Gianfranco Zola. Zola was hired in 2008.

To be completely frank, West Ham just isn’t very good. It isn’t Grant (who in reality is not a bad manager) and it wasn’t Zola.  The team just doesn’t perform. The club is not well financially, and they don’t have funds to pull new players in.

While the club certainly has some talent, it has almost no depth from a Premier League perspective. It is no surprise that they are stuck at the bottom, and for them to get out is going to be something resembling bank robbery.

The Premier League has become much more balanced over the past few years, and this has been aided by the relegation of some of the more sluggish clubs, and the resurrection of some of the new boys and returning clubs who have been much stronger (Newcastle, Birmingham City). West Ham just doesn’t have the personnel to keep up.

Jose Mourinho would have trouble with this squad.

If West Ham want to stay up, they are going to have to sell in the January transfer window and hope for some absolute bargain buys, or their players are just going to have to play out of their minds for the next few months.

Either way, it isn’t Avram’s fault. If he is sacked, the club will be in no better of a position.


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