UEFA Fails Us Again; Serbia Escapes Major Sanctions

For those with foggy memories, Italy played Serbia in Genoa for a Euro 2012 qualifier that was abandoned after six minutes for their unruly hooligans that prevented the match from continuing.

Well, UEFA made their decision.

Italy is awarded with a 3-0 victory, Serbia has to only play TWO matches behind closed doors, and a one match ban is the consequence if they screw up during a two-year probation period.

First off, the victory given to Italy is fair, and what should have been done.


Italian keeper Emiliano Viviano was injured during the match against Serbia. (AP Photo)



But this is all that is really positive to this situation.

In a post that was put up on Park The Bus after this match, a list of sanctions that UEFA needed to do in regards to Serbia was listed.

Of the three points that I brought up, I expected the first two to happen: A 3-0 win to Italy, and for Serbia to play ALL matches behind closed doors for the remainder of qualification.

The third point — banning Serbian supporters from traveling to Euros, Champions League, Europa League, and World Cup qualifying; was mentioned as a pretty farfetched hope.

Despite this, UEFA didn’t even do the second point! I commend them for giving the victory to Italy, but to only give Serbia two matches behind closed doors? AND, when Italy comes to Serbia, there will be supporters in the stadium? This may turn out badly, and I hope UEFA’s lack of  sense won’t come back to bite them in the ass, or worse, bite Italian supporters, or any other country’s supporters.

UEFA also fined Serbia’s FA, but this means nothing.

UEFA doesn’t like to overreact, but in this case, they didn’t react enough. It is worrisome to see UEFA not having the balls to punish Serbia, but it is not surprising.

Just another incident that UEFA has failed to do their job, and it could have serious consequences.


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