Who The Hell is West Brom?


Baggies- "We aren't bad anymore! Europe here we come!"



If you haven’t been paying close attention to the Premier League table, I bet you have missed something glaring.

West Brom are in sixth. No, not 16th. Sixth.

Fifteen points from nine matches. That is level with Spurs. The club that was annihilated 6-0 in the opener vs. Chelsea is level with Spurs. (Insert shocked expletive tirade here)

In addition to the Chelsea loss, the club lost to Liverpool in a snoozer. That’s it. West Brom. The club that is ALWAYS relegated, is now nine matches in and only has two losses. They have three draws (Spurs, Bolton and Man United) and four wins (Sunderland, Birmingham, Arsenal and Fulham).

That is an impressive start for most clubs, let alone the Baggies. Regardless of what happens, their supporters should be electrified about this. Almost half of the ‘guaranteed losses’ are out of the way.

The club is currently led by Peter Odemwingie, the 29 year-old Nigerian who has three goals for the club. The rest of the goals? Eight goals spread around eight players. Sometimes it is nice to not have a star on the club when every piece to the puzzle plays their part.

Time will tell if they can keep it up, but the Baggies might just be this season’s shocker. (And you thought that was going to be Blackpool. No worries, they will still get sent down.) Being realistic, this team isn’t going to Europe. But they are almost halfway to securing safety, and it is only the last week of October.

Mr. DiMatteo, I don’t know what you are doing to West Brom, but wow, continue to do it. You might just have a long stay in the Premiership, for both you and the club.

Leicester is next up for West Brom in the Carling Cup. That match is later today.

The next Premier League match for the Baggies is against Blackpool, on Monday. That match could certainly be a tricky one. Blackpool is another club that doesn’t go down easy this season.




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