PSV Brings The Ruckus Against Feyenoord

10-0 scorelines are common in a few situations.

1. A youth soccer team plays against a high school team.

2. Anytime from 1900-1945.

3. Whenever I am in net against a university team.


I don't know what this kid was originally pissed about, but I can't imagine what he did after his club lost by 10.



PSV defeating Eredivisie rival Feyenoord is not one of these situations. Wow. This is an absolute shocker.

Feyenoord is currently having a Liverpool-like start to the season, but they are no pushovers. Seriously, no top-level club in the major European leagues is a pushover. Even Chelsea, who regularly whacks teams, can’t throw 10 on a Premiership opponent.

The last loss that was close to this bad for Feyenoord was 8-2 to Ajax in 1983. Ouch.

Surprisingly enough, PSV didn’t even break their all-time goal margin record. Nope. They tied it. Most recently, they won by 10 goals against Volendam in 1998, and they also beat now Eerste Divisie (second tier) club Go Ahead Eagles (yes, it is their real name) by 10 goals in 1973.

According to the BBC, Feyenoord’s manager Mario Been said, “This really hurts, suffering a defeat like this and it was very emotional in the dressing room afterwards.”

That’s all you could say about it? Are you kidding me? No, it wouldn’t be emotional at all if you get destroyed by 10 goals. It would actually be happy in there. They would be popping champagne and drinking Fruli. Some managers just suck at post-match interviews.

(Okay, Fruli isn’t Dutch, but I drank it in a Dutch pub in London. Good enough for me. Plus, it’s freaking delicious.)

If you are a top-level side, you can’t lose like that. I mean, 10 goals? Beyond embarrassing. For shame, Feyenoord, for shame.

Here’s the video of the goals. Electric.


Yeah, that probably hurt.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Okay… you can’t blame the GK for all of that mess, but …
    Was he on medication? … recently recovered from a lobotomy? … a marionette? … blind?

    Perhaps someone had convinced him that the ball was covered in a deadly poison…

    I can’t watch that goalie and believe he is part of a pro team.


  2. […] like another European club that recently had a big screw-up, […]


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