Liverpool Decides to Win

Liverpool defeated Blackburn 2-1 yesterday. In short, it was the best the club has looked all season.

Torres scored a great goal and Sotirios Kyrgiakos scored, showing why he is still completely necessary for the Reds in the back.

Carragher was credited with the own goal, but it was nothing that he could do anything about. The ball was cleared right at him, he had no time to move. Not his fault.

Liverpool is climbing out of the relegation zone... be it ever so slow.

This was massively important for Liverpool, despite still sitting in the relegation zone. A win, paired with the 0-0 draw against Napoli, gives this club the mental boost that they need to go forward. I think that Hodgson will still have a lot of eyes on him, and this will continue until Liverpool get back to where they need to be. But for the moment, Liverpool can be satisfied that they finally got back on the winning track.

Liverpool dominated possession…absolutely dominated it. After a shaky first half, they really pulled it all together to finish quite strong. This is a match that the players can feel good about. But it has to be the beginning of a solid stretch.

Next up for Liverpool is a Halloween match against Bolton. Should be another match that the Reds get maximum points from, but with how the club has played this season, who knows.

Try not to think of the Chelsea fixture coming up. Just don’t think about it.


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