Premier League Whining About Illegal Streaming: Deal With It

The Premier League is much better served by ignoring online streaming, than chastising it.

According to the BBC, the Premier League, along with the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Lawn Tennis Association are upset that many illegal streams are coming up on the internet showing their matches.

First off, it took you this long to realize it? Come on, you know it has been going on since technology allowed for it.

Second of all, who cares? Your sports are being watched. That is going to get revenue in one way or another. People will fall in love with the sport, find a club, and buy their products. So they aren’t paying for the cable. I think these sports have bigger fish to fry than something that honestly is so incredibly trivial.

The article focused primarily on the UK, which if you live there, or have visited there, it is beyond difficult to follow your club, whether you have channels that show soccer or not.

In the United States, even if you have Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Gol TV, Galavision, ESPN, as well as local channels, there is still a pretty good chance you won’t see a game you want to watch over the course of the week. Keep in mind, citizens of the United States cannot subscribe to Setanta USA, as it is for pubs only. And, let’s not kid ourselves — almost no one actually has Fox Soccer Plus.

If you are a supporter, you probably want to watch every match you can of your club, whether they play in the UK, Europe or even in the United States. The current television situation, while worlds better than what we dealt with five years ago, is still not nearly able to cover soccer to the full extent. It probably never will be able to do this because of soccer’s vast amount of clubs, leagues and competitions.

Online streaming is here to stay. It is the best thing that has happened to soccer since the round ball. It isn’t going anywhere.

These money-grubbing leagues should pay attention to the supporters. Without them, the leagues are nothing. If a supporter can’t see their club on television, they will find any outlet possible to get their fix. That is a fact of life. The leagues should be happy these online streams are helping give the game the attention it deserves.

But try telling the Premier League that. Or any other league in the world, for that matter.


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