Stab-Happy Napoli

Napoli fans apparently have some seedy underlings amongst the fan base.

Liverpool drew 0-0 with Napoli, Thursday in a match that didn’t have the horrible ending that this blogger feared.

Nope, the horrible ending happened outside of San Paolo, in the streets.

Two Liverpool supporters were stabbed by Napoli fans, in the city of Naples, before the match. Many people are said to be injured from the incidents, but none life-threatening.

This really bothers me. Let me first say that I follow the Italian national team closely, as they were the first soccer team I took an interest in as a boy. Also, my mother’s family is originally from Naples, so Napoli has always been my Serie A club, though I admit to not following all of Serie A closely. I usually don’t make a big deal about Napoli either way because of this.

But hearing about stabbings during any soccer match, no matter the competition, is just beyond disgraceful.

Every Napoli supporter should be ashamed by this. And to add to it, every Italian football supporter should be ashamed of this. This is two incidents in a week that Serie A has to deal with. First, the Cagliari fans’ treatment of Samuel Eto’o, and now this?

I don’t know what is up with Italy, and I do hope it eventually goes away. But things like this are just awful. Serie A needs to clean up its’ act in the worst way. The fans are deplorable, many atmospheres are racially and/or politically charged, and it makes for a horrible sporting atmosphere.

It seems oh, so long ago that this blog was chastising Serbian fans for their deplorable actions in Genoa. Well, now it is on you, Italy. Clean up your mess.

And DON’T bring your mess to Anfield.



UPDATE: 10/23/10: Three Napoli Ultras Charged with Attempted Murder


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