Have the Pompey Chimes Rung For The Last Time?

There is a plethora of soccer news to talk about today. It is a blogger’s dream.

That dream has quickly turned into a nightmare.

Portsmouth F.C., or Pompey, the lovable club from England’s south coast, made an announcement today that they may be liquidated.

This is beyond awful. Pompey are a spectacular club, and for them to be liquidated is beyond a shame. It is a catastrophe.

Portsmouth's biggest supporter, John Westwood has to be crushed today.

According to what people are saying on Twitter, people are starting to mob outside of Fratton Park as we speak to voice their displeasure. I don’t know what they can do constructively, but let’s hope that it ends up being something positive.

If you are a soccer fan, no matter where you live, no matter what your allegiances are, you have to be appalled by this situation.

This is not a scrub club by any stretch of the imagination. They were two-time FA Cup winners (most recently in 2008), three-time runners-up (as recently as last season), two-time English First Division winners, Champions of the English Championship in 2003 (two-time second place finishers),  along with a slew of other titles from other levels. This team has trophies; this team has history.

They also have one of the greatest chants of all-time: The Pompey Chimes.

And it may all be thrown away this week.

To think ‘Oh, this will never happen to my club,’ YOU ARE WRONG. Any club that enters administration is susceptible to the hardships that Pompey has endured. Any club can have financial problems. This is one of these examples. This should make every supporter (especially those who support English clubs), feel uneasy about their situation.

If anything comes about to the public regarding the possible saving of the club, you will be able to find it on Park The Bus.

Save Pompey, don’t let good football die.


UPDATE: Looks like Pompey is going to survive after all!


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