BigSoccer: Useful Place For Conversation? Or Useless Cesspool of Annoyance?

BigSoccer is the largest forum for soccer/football discussion on the internet. There is no doubt about it. Currently, the site has 175,866 members. Even if less than half of those regularly post on the site, those numbers are staggering and impressive.

So if there is so many people having soccer conversations, why is it bad?

Well, to be honest, it may just not be my cup of tea, but I know that I am not the only blogger that takes issue with the site. I also know dozens of people in the real world that used it for a time, but got sick of the bickering and nonsense that comes with it.

BigSoccer has become a mess of nonsense and clashing which makes it lose its' former luster as a hub of soccer info and discussion.

The setup of the site means well, and it is set up like any other soccer forum, if not more user-friendly than others. But the problem with it is the people who post so much, they pretty much run the everyday conversation and operation of the site. If you do not agree with these people, you are wrong and are better served to get your soccer conversation fix elsewhere.

I used to post on the site quite frequently, starting in January 2005, and continuing until about a month ago. I posted primarily in the Liverpool board, as well as the Eastern Europe and (later on) in the Montreal Impact MLS Expansion thread. It is difficult going to a forum that is supposed to be all-inclusive and being treated as an outsider because one has different beliefs than the most “popular” members and moderators.

I have found a much better time discussing soccer with equals on Twitter. It is just a better medium filled with a much better ratio of more levelheaded, interesting supporters. BigSoccer just doesn’t have that. It is the same opinions rehashed over and over, and gets quite cluttered with nonsense.

And before you say “Chris, stop whining.” It isn’t whining. The site just isn’t very good. It took me a while to realize it, partly because the internet took a while to get other, better options, and partly because of a comfort factor. I get news quicker now through other avenues, and much deeper, more interesting discussion.

Oh, and they are run a bit unprofessionally too.

If you are newly interested in the beautiful game, or you just haven’t found a medium to discuss soccer on the internet, I encourage you to try BigSoccer. But be forewarned. You probably will get sick of it quickly. Head on over to Twitter, or your own club forum. You will probably get more out of your stay on the internet that way.

American soccer may not be as far as it is today without BigSoccer, and we should thank them for their input and impact on the game. But the time has come (at least for me) to get my fix elsewhere.

And remember, you can always follow me on Twitter, as well. 😉


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