Soccer: Now With Marriage Included!

Does your significant other hate soccer? Then, this post probably isn’t for you.

Come to think of it, this probably is exactly for you. It will just be an unattainable pipe dream that you will never live up to.

Liverpool FC holds weddings at Anfield. Yes, now you can have what is considered the biggest event in your life occur at the stadium where all of your other biggest events in your life occur!

The club offers the “Legends” package, going for 40 a person, “Premier” at 60, and “Champions” at 80. They all include ridiculous items in the package, but this one caught my eye the most:

“Exclusive use of an Executive Box overlooking the pitch throughout the day for the couple.”

That is spectacular. Just think, you are looking over at your love on the first day as a married couple, and you look onto the pitch and tell her, “Hey! That’s where Xabi Alonso scored against Newcastle in 2006!”

What a world we live in.

This might be the coolest thing ever conceived by the human mind. But how logical is this? I mean, what woman would agree to do this?

Well after my not nearly scientific poll of female footy supporters, the consensus was between “not likely” to “absolutely not.”

Not too surprised. But if your significant other is soccer-mad, I HIGHLY suggest doing this. You would have the best wedding in your family’s history, and of anyone you have ever met.

From this point on, this blog officially endorses weddings at sports stadia.


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