On The Wings of Bruce Dickinson: Liverpool v Napoli Preview

Bruce Dickinson: He will fly your plane.

Liverpool head into their Europa League group match against Napoli with what might be a little bit of a boost: their pilot is Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson. No, that isn’t a misprint. Click the link if you don’t believe me.

It is well-known that Dickinson is an accomplished pilot, (along with a slew of other ridiculous talents) but how absurd is it that one of the fathers of metal music is flying the Reds to Italy? If you are not a fan of Maiden, or metal for that matter, it may go over your head.

Let’s just hope the on-board flight music wasn’t “Run To The Hills.” In the situation that Liverpool is in, “The Trooper” would be more fitting.

We know Gerrard and Torres will not play, in hopes that they will be stronger for the match against Blackburn at the weekend. Dirk Kuyt will be out for the forseeable future with that ankle injury, while Glen Johnson and Danny Agger will be out with a hamstring and illness, respectively.

Raul Meireles and Lucas also have been rested. Can’t say anyone should be upset about that.

The BBC announced a provisional squad of these players:  Reina, Carragher, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos, Konchesky, Poulsen, Cole, Ngog, Jones, Hansen, Aurelio, Spearing, Jovanovic, Rodriguez, Wilson, Shelvey, Babel, Pacheco, Kelly, Eccleston.

From that, I see the starters as likely being:

GK: Reina

DEF: Carra, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos, Konchesky

MID: Poulsen, Cole, Jovanovic, Maxi, Babel


Honestly, with so few attacking options, I hope we get a look at Jonjo Shelvey or Nathan Eccleston. I think Roy made another huge mistake by not at least including the other players in the squad, even if I have been calling for the players to be benched. The faith in Roy actually using the substitutes he names to the squad is quite low right now.

Cavani and Hamsik: One of the most dangerous duos Liverpool will face.

Napoli is an extremely talented club, and could very easily tear Liverpool to ribbons. If ‘Pool get exposed in this match, like they have in previous matches, this could be an agonizing 90 minutes, as well as the next huge sign that Roy’s leash is getting shorter. If Liverpool plan to do anything this season, it is dependent on defeating teams of this quality. Without doing that, the campaign will only get more painful.

Edinson Cavani and Marek Hamsik have the ability to score against anyone in the world, at any given moment. This match will either be one that Liverpool desperately needs to regain some confidence, or yet another to pile on the seemingly endless misery. Liverpool’s defense has to cover Hamsik and Cavani like gloves. If they do this, the match might just turn out okay after all.


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