Liverpool in Tatters: Another Loss Against A Rival

If you were wondering what took me so long to post again, all you have to do is check the Premier League fixtures from the weekend.

You will see this:

Everton 2-0 Liverpool

Sickening. Liverpool now sit second from bottom, and are only ahead of sorry West Ham on goal differential. Chew on that for a bit. Your fearless blogger is still trying to digest it.

Liverpool looks dire. The club hasn’t had a start this bad in over 50 years. This is uncharted territory for most of Liverpudlian faithful. But sitting around and feeling sick to one’s stomach isn’t going to make this any better.

The Toffees outplayed us.

There. I said it.

The Reds will have a hell of a problem doing anything useful this season if this play is to continue. And the play from the starting eleven every week seems to just get worse, despite what manager Roy Hodgson says. He needs to pull the wool from over his eyes and realize that we looked awful for that entire match. Never have I seen this club play so bad against Everton, and hopefully Liverpool supporters won’t have to see such a poor showing against the city rivals for a long time.

It would be one thing to give Everton all of the credit and talk them up about how they outplayed Liverpool, ran circles around them etc. But it wasn’t all Everton. They took advantage of a side that is a shambles. Liverpool has no heart whatsoever. They walk onto the pitch and play as if nothing on the pitch matters. The players need to be motivated.

It is too early to call for Roy’s head. Liverpool is eight matches into the season. Any club that fires a manager after eight matches is crazy. Any club that fires a manager before Boxing Day is not smart. If Liverpool are still in dire straits by December 26, Boxing Day (or St. Stephen’s Day for you Irish folk) then it is prudent to fire Hodgson on one condition: there has to be a viable replacement.

I only see two viable replacements for Hodgson: Martin O’Neill or Kenny Dalglish. With either of those two in charge, there is still no guarantee of success, though. So it is definitely in Liverpool’s best interest to hold onto Hodgson for a while longer.


Torres has looked awful since undergoing knee surgery in April.


Regarding the players? Torres doesn’t look good at all. He needs to be benched in favor of David Ngog. This might be the motivation factor that Torres needs to get into gear. And I will make a very, very bold statement, so if you are of the faint of heart, do not read any further….





If Fernando Torres does not improve form, we need to sell him by the summer.


Got that? Sorry if I gave you a heart attack, or put you in an unquenchable rage. Let me explain:

Torres isn’t producing, at all. He doesn’t have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that he had before his injury. It is unknown whether or not he will ever get it back. But if he can’t recover and get back into top, world-class form, Liverpool need to rid themselves of him for some cash and possibly a new forward. It’s that simple.

Hopefully he will recover and start to score left and right as he usually does. But if he starts complaining, he needs to be put in his place. This terrible performance is on him as much as any other player on this club.

Also, Gerrard and Cole looked just terrible against the Toffees, and I know that isn’t the first time they both have played like crap this season. The game has always flowed through Gerrard, and if Liverpool can’t get him on point, then it will be a very long, agonizing season.

Can someone explain why Lucas is still playing? Did anyone see another couple ‘shots’ that he sent into the supporters’ ends during the match? He is not a winner, and should not be on this club, let alone starting.

The defense has not looked good either, but this is in part to Daniel Agger’s injury and absence from the match. It is not worth it to continue to harp on about Jamie Carragher, either.

I feel like a broken record, chastising the same players every week, but they are the problem. They can’t get it done. Until they start, this club is only going to get worse, and the matches will just get more depressing.

Napoli this week for Europa League… won’t be easy. There’s a feeling brewing that Hamsik might stick it to the Reds, making the whole situation worse.


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