Impact’s Season Cut Short

Montreal fell to the Carolina RailHawks 2-0 Sunday, falling 2-1 on aggregate.

That’s it. They’re out. No repeat title this season.

There’s not much else to say about it, that doesn’t delve into cliches.

So let’s look at the positives, because when one feels down, it is best to try to look at the bright side.

Montreal now goes into their final offseason as a division two side this winter. Next season will be the final at the second tier of the North American Soccer Pyramid. If that doesn’t excite you, nothing will. While  the Gulls are out of the playoffs, there will be one more shot.

Remember, next year is the swan song in D-2, but it is the beginning of the parade to the top. Expect a lot more  attention pointed toward the club in a few months.  Once Portland and Vancouver get settled, everyone in the North American soccer world will be preparing to wave L’Impact aboard.

Until then, why not just sit back, and enjoy the MLS Playoffs? I know I will.


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