NESV Officially Owns Liverpool/H & G GONE

A new era for Liverpool is dawning under John W. Henry

Waking up this morning and realizing that Liverpool F.C. won the second court case and that all defenses from Tom Hicks were dropped; well that was pretty amazing. I know people who danced or ran around and yelled. Instead (I was pretty tired) I put my phone down and fell back into my bed. Biggest sigh of relief I have had in a while.

Hicks and Gillett are gone. John W. Henry is in. It is official. We can finally concentrate on what is important; the matters on the pitch.

There is hope that this blog will not have to talk about Hicks and Gillett ever again. Hopefully nothing having to do with ownership for a very, very long time… or at least until January when Liverpool need transfer funds and don’t have them (again). But for now, Liverpool fans can be happy that the last chapter is done and a new one begins. For those that don’t like Liverpool, you now can stop hearing about the club in every news story. So that should make you a bit happier.


Liverpool play the Toffees in Candyland Sunday at 8:30 a.m. EST. Let’s see how Roy adjusts without Kuyt. For the Americans that read this, the match is on Fox Soccer Plus…which pretty much means you will have to find another way to watch it. I don’t understand how the Merseyside Derby gets demoted to the secondary channel, but that’s life.


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