Yanks and Colombians Take Nap….Draw 0-0/Philly Fans Are Awful

Did anyone catch the US national team Friendly last night? I thought I did, but when it ended, I am pretty sure I spent two hours watching QVC.

I am not one to go on about “boring” matches, but sweet Jesus, that was a snoozer.

Things we learned from the match:

The US played a dour draw, though bright spots certainly existed.

-Bradley should never use a 4-2-3-1 set-up again. Never. It just doesn’t work. We have no movement up the sidelines. The midfield looked anemic. Defense struggled greatly too.

-Jozy Altidore cannot continue to be put up front by himself. He doesn’t play well as a lone striker for us. Just give him more support. He would have looked better in the match if the midfield actually could connect on through balls.

-Eddie Johnson still does not belong on this national team. Some might say that he is “working his way back in” after these two matches against Poland and Colombia. Some might be wrong. He is not national team caliber.

-Jermaine Jones needs to be regularly selected to the national team. This kid can send balls into the box like mad. That setup of Jozy’s goal against Poland was great. He’s already 28. Might as well get all the caps we can out of him. He is quite talented.

-Stuart Holden is the real deal. Not that any US supporter didn’t know this already. Bob needs to start him regularly. I don’t know how much this kid needs to play before management realize he needs a regular 90 minutes.

-Eric Lichaj is actually pretty damn good, and other than one glaring error last night that was picked up by the center mids, he looks like he could have a solid future for us.


US supporters should be upset with the result, as the United States is just a better team than Colombia. Hands down. I was thinking 3-1 in favor of the Yanks before the match, but even a 1-0 win should have been acceptable. This was a bad draw for us. Colombia, while not being a bad soccer nation by any stretch, they are just not up to our level. Remember when they were showing the clips from the documentary “The Two Escobars?” Colombia was much better in the 1994 World Cup than we were. That was a monumental win. We are about that much better than them today as they were to us then.

We didn’t get the job done. Plain and simple.

Philadelphia fans don't care about the United States.

Also,  I would like to call out every soccer fan in the Philadelphia area for allowing such a lousy draw. 8,823 people (of 18,500 capacity) at the stadium? Are you joking? This is the same city that currently has the most petition signatures for the “GOUSABID” than any other city. The fact that they can get so many signatures and also fill for Union matches, but can only muster up a few people to go to the match tells me a few things:

1. Union fans are pathetic. Yeah, you are being called out. You can support your club but can’t support your country. Pathetic. Union fans complained that they just had to put down money for season tickets, and couldn’t buy a $30-50 ticket for the match. If you have money for club, surely you have it for country.

2. The Phillies and Eagles are more important to people in the city than soccer. Even though there are many more people that DIDN’T go to those games, and still can’t motivate themselves to go to this match.

3. Union fans like to reference that they had great attendance for the match against Turkey in the last send-off. Okay, you did. But what have you done for me lately? You had every reason to sell that match out and you couldn’t do it. The fans show up when its time for the World Cup, but couldn’t care about this match. Some supporters you are.

4. USSF should have advertised the match better. Would have gotten more curious fans in, but then again, soccer fans know when the matches are and when they are being played near them.

5. The match should never have been in PPL Park. Other venues that fans would actually have shown up: Red Bull Arena, RFK Stadium, Crew Stadium, Rentschler Field, The Playboy Mansion and Eric Wynalda’s backyard.

Philly should get looked at very hard by the USSF for not getting a draw in what was a ‘difficult’ time for them. If you want matches, you fill your stadium. Every. Time.


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