Serbian Supporters Acted Disgustingly Today


Serbia needs to be harshly disciplined to show UEFA doesn't tolerate hooligan acts.


Serbia was supposed to play Italy in a Euro 2012 Group Qualifier today, but the match was suspended six minutes in because of the absurd and reprehensible actions by the Serbian National Team.

Official Statement from UEFA:

“The UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying match between Italy and Serbia in Genoa was abandoned due to crowd trouble.

Only six minutes of play were possible at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, the kick-off of which had been delayed by 35 minutes due to crowd disturbances. It was subsequently decided to abandon the match in order to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved due to the disturbances and flares thrown by the Serbian fans.

UEFA now awaits the receipt of the official UEFA delegate’s match report before deciding whether to open a disciplinary case.”

This is  absolutely disgusting and classless. Not only did they prevent a competitive match from completing, but they also put the health of thousands of people — including players, management and administrators — in jeopardy. This is inexcusable, and UEFA and FIFA need to act.

This is my solution:

1. Award Italy with a 3-0 victory.

2. Make every Serbian match for the remainder of the qualifying cycle played behind closed doors.

3. Ban Serbian supporter travel for Euro 2012, World Cup Qualifying for 2014, as well as any Europa League or Champions League match a Serbian team is involved with through 2014.

Personally, I can see them doing the first two. I don’t know if UEFA has the fortitude to do the third one, but it is certainly deserved. If you want to be hooligans, do it in your own country. Do not come to a foreign country and mess everything up.

Italy should feel cheated, and should press UEFA for every sanction possible. Serbia should be absolutely disgusted with their representation at that match.

Here is a video of the police presence at the game. Still looking for some video with the fans causing havoc, but nothing yet.


UPDATE 10/13/10: Italian Police Detain 17 Hooligans; UEFA Ruling on October 28

Serbia could be disqualified or prevented from entering future competitions. Interesting.  More information as we get closer to the decision day.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Conrad on 10/13/2010 at 03:09

    I’m not sure the maybe 80-100 or so hooligans (as the Italian commentators describe in one of the YouTube videos) should be allowed to cause any of your proposed solutions to happen.

    Weren’t Tasers and rubber bullets invented for this sort of thing? At the very least, train the fire hoses that the firemen already had out on them. Use force against the guys climbing the walls and cutting the protective net and you won’t have crap thrown on the field and the safety of everyone around in danger. Do something other than standing there clueless and watching them without giving those idiots a reason to stop.


    • The police have to be careful not to cause a stampede. It has happened before in European soccer, and if lives were lost, the blame would be squarely on the police. It’s a very delicate situation they have to deal with. The best they can do is surround them with police, let the Italian supporters out of the stadium first, then deal with the hooligans. And that is what they did.


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