Liverpool Now in Relegation Zone After Defeat to Blackpool

Premiership Relegation ZoneAt the beginning of the season, supporters usually look at certain fixtures as ‘must wins’ or ‘easy victories.’ I would be lying to you if I said at the time I didn’t think that about Blackpool F.C. A club that most didn’t feel would have any shot to gain promotion, yet did; a club that was pegged to finish dead last in a Derby County-esque fashion (including me), but looks like an early contender for survival; Blackpool isn’t a bad club.

This is why after the match against FC Utrecht last week in Europa League, I was becoming increasingly concerned with how Liverpool would fare against the Seasiders. I had a feeling we would really struggle in trying to grind out a win.

The halftime score was 2-0 in favor of Blackpool. Either they have arrived, or we are just falling into the deeper parts of a downward spiral. In reality, it is probably a little bit of both.

Let’s not discredit Blackpool. They aren’t a bad club. They are proving every week why they deserve to be in the Premier League, and we need to recognize that.

But, this is still a match that Liverpool is expected to win.

Players, including Dirk Kuyt, were apologizing for the Reds poor form against Blackpool. But is this really necessary? Apologizing to the faithful isn’t going to get more points next to our name in the table. I don’t want to see players apologize, I want them to take responsibility for their actions, and go out and win some matches.

The Seasiders currently sit ninth in the Premiership Table.

Relegation is another topic that is being more than whispered about as of late. To that, I laugh. We will not be relegated this season. It isn’t going to happen. Seven matches in, we aren’t having a good start, but you have to really have nothing better to talk about if you think we are being relegated. If we are in the same position in March, then the conversation can begin. What the club should take from this, having seven matches under their belt and sitting a pathetic 18th, is this: Liverpool F.C. is better than they are showing, and it is about damn time to suck it up and start to produce. Without that attitude, it will be very hard for Liverpool to have any success this season.

The fans are going through hard times at Liverpool at the moment, but it is  not worth panicking over. Play up, boys. You look like crap.

Also, on the injury front:

Torres was injured yet again during this match. The groin injury that seems like it will never go away, is back yet again. This is starting to become very problematic for the club. Nando doesn’t seem like himself after that knee injury last season that kept him out from April on. It is something to be concerned about when your star striker cannot do anything on a weekly basis. He has been near-invisible this season, that cannot be denied.

The soccer world is entering the international break, so this might be a good time for the Red Men to take a seat and really contemplate how they are going to work themselves out of this hole. They have a whole string of matches coming up, starting out with Everton, on October 17. It’s time to show your worth. Don’t disappoint us.


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